Architectural Photography

I shoot projects for all disciplines for those involved in the ‘built environment’

I have been shooting high-end architectural images for many years all over the UK.
I have worked for successful architects, construction companies, commercial developers, furniture manufacturers and interior designers. I use perspective control lenses where appropriate to keep verticals straight and enhance composition.

When shooting any building I will consider its orientation and how it sits within its environment.
I will always ask questions before producing a shooting plan and will need to understand your matrix with regard to optimum weather and urgency.

I have found that how well an area is ‘dressed’ contributes hugely to producing successful interior images. I take great effort to ensure that the areas I am shooting are looking their best.
I am used to working under pressure in occupied buildings, producing the images my clients require on-time and within budget.
I work quickly, carefully and courteously.

Jonathan has been my photographer of choice over many years, always producing interesting and relevant images for client presentations and our own Architectural Practice portfolios. In addition to the more creative images we have also required high quality photographs for montage work. Jonathan has consistently produced these technically demanding images on time and within budget.
Nicholas Stubbs:
(Founder (retired) and Consultant) SRA Architects LLP

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